Distracted Driving

While driving home from my boyfriends house tonight I realized I think of the weirdest, dumbest things while driving. I figured I’d share them on here to see if anyone else is as crazy as me? Hopefully I’m not the only one!

So on Wednesdays, I have class in the suburbs until 2:15 and then have to drive to my class in Chicago which starts at 3. If there is no traffic, this drive takes about 40 minutes. However, I am never on time for class because there are always so many people on the road! So Wednesdays from 2:15 to about 3:20 I’m always wondering what are all these people doing on the road! Don’t these people have jobs to be at?? I don’t understand! So frustrating! I’m just trying to get to my class on time and EVERYONE and their mother is on the road, at 2:15 on a Wednesday. It’s crazy right? Also, I ideally would like to use my cruise control as to save gas, but its literally impossible with the way people drive. If I’m going a constant speed at the speed limit, don’t cut me off! I just have to restart my cruise control all over again you jerk!

Not only are they slowing my drive by just physically being there, but many of them could use a driving lesson or two. Just this past Wednesday there was one girl driving behind me while texting and almost rear ended me three times! Because apparently she didn’t learn the first time. Not to mention she didn’t even get to see my dirty look in the rear view mirror because she was too busy texting. And I’m not over exaggerating, she must have stopped an inch away from my car all 3 times and as she slammed on the breaks you could see the look of horror on her face hoping she would stop before hitting me, and I’m just in my car eyes wide with one hand over my dropped jaw, other hand over my pounding heart. Pull over if you need to text someone that badly, good Lord!

So the thought that triggered this post was just an hour ago when I was driving home from my boyfriends house (about 20 mins) and I see another car waiting for me to pass them so they could pull out of their drive way. Now let me explain a little, since my boyfriend and I are both super busy with school and work we really only go out at night. Usually when I’m on my way home from our dates its around midnight and I’m the only one on the road (finally!). So, okay, I’m driving down the road and this car is waiting for me to pass so they can pull out of their drive way and my initial thought is, “that’s creepy, who’s driving at this time of night.” I just inadvertently called myself creepy! I actually laughed out loud as I’m thinking this because its just so ironic. Please don’t think I’m crazy, I just thought it was so weird that I wasn’t the only one driving tonight. This may be a long shot but can anyone else relate to this?!


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