My Dog is Out of Control

Let me just start with a little background on my dog. His name is Blitz… He is 4  years old. My grandpa rescued him from Kentucky when he was just 4 weeks old.

That little thing in my grandpa’s arms is my now 70 pound black lab pit bull.

He’s definitely a special dog. He has my entire heart and I don’t know what I would do without him. My grandpa sadly passed away a year and a half ago. A few weeks before he passed away my grandpa asked me to take care of Blitz. So I took him home and since then I have taken the best care possible. Although there has been some things out of my control along the way (Of course I blame myself for these things). So last summer, Blitz somehow tore his ACL. To this day we are not sure how, he could have been playing with my other dog who is an older husky, but we don’t know for sure. All we know is one minute he was fine and then when he came down stairs he was only walking on three legs. So long store short he definitely need surgery.

Cone head 🙂
So now that were past that we have to make sure he doesn’t run too much or jump around too much because of his knee. But one thing we can’t get him to stop doing is sitting on everyone lap! He’s a total lap dog which can be so uncomfortable because he’s ginormous! 

Blitz sitting on my dad’s lap

And if you sneeze within hearing shot of him, he will either bolt out of the room or he will give you this look…
“Why are you sneezing at me?”

Also he steals shoes, food, water bottles… really anything he can carry around the house or eat…
But the real problem is when I take him out for walks…

When I take him out for a walk he goes ballistic when he sees other dogs. Its embarrassing! He starts leaping back and forth (which he shouldn’t be doing anyway because of his knee) and he makes this high pitch yipping noise. I’m not quite sure where he learned this seeing as he didn’t do this when I first had him however I have no idea how to correct it! People literally cross the street when they see us! I know he gets excited and I know he isn’t being aggressive because he wags his tail and you can just see it in his body language (well at least I can) but it really scares other people and their dogs! And as for this yipping noise he makes, that description doesn’t even do it justice. He sounds like a bird having a panic attack. I mean its high pitched and loud, really loud. The only thing I have been able to do that sometimes works to calm him down is wave a treat in his face so he sees it and gets distracted, then I have him face me and sit down until the other dog is gone. I don’t know how to get him to stop doing that! But I still love him anyway. Just because he’s so dang cute! I mean look at that face…


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