DAY 1: 30 Day Scarf Challenge

Hello and welcome to my 30 Day Scarf Challenge! The scarf is the most important part of a fall outfit and I will give you 30 reasons why this month. To quote Natalie,”You don’t need a bunch of clothes if you have enough scarves to dress up any outfit!”
The scarf I chose for Day 1 of my 30 Day Scarf Challenge is one that I have bought most recently. It is something I wouldn’t normally buy because it has skulls on it and I’ve never been into skulls, however you can’t see the skulls when its draped around your neck! The colors are just perfect for most things that I wear. This is me just arriving to work. I’m wearing my navy North Face which brings out the navy in the scarf. Instead of wearing this scarf the traditional way of just wrapping it around your neck, I choose to mix it up a little.

Can you even tell there are skulls?
This is how I did this look.

First, I tied the opposite corners of the scarf in a knot.
Hang it around your neck like a giant necklace.
Take the bottom of the scarf and cross it over to make an 8.
Then take the bottom loop of the 8 and flip it over your head and voila!
Please leave any comments or questions below! Be sure to enter your email to follow my blog! Check in tomorrow to see Day 2 of my 30 Day Scarf Challenge.



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