DAY 3: 30 Day Scarf Challenge

Today is Day 3 of my 30 Day Scarf Challenge! 
 photo afa3ab79-f64b-4dd5-a0d2-f66bec06c8ad_zpsfc15dfd1.jpg
This is a scarf I don’t wear often because it is hard to find anything to match it. However, after a little digging through my closet I found an outfit I was finally happy with! Also today this scarf was very useful because it covered up the fact that my shirt was probably too low cut for church! You would never know with this scarf! This scarf is also smaller than almost all of the scarfs I own. So this is how I got this look…
 photo dc09e8fb-1afc-48fc-a7a9-4529b3d7864e_zps537e32e7.jpg

This scarf, unlike my others, is a perfect square. It can be a little tricky to make it look good, since if you just wrap it around your neck it would look too short. 
 photo a5a96143-7735-46a1-94a3-6054d1827094_zps3292a8bf.jpg
I fold it into a triangle.
 photo b0361694-8a1d-421a-a87e-0c6371747e9b_zps87c26208.jpg
Then tie the ends. Notice, as opposed to how I tied the scarf on Day 1 of the challenge, the knot it is not at the ends of the corners. You can adjust where you tie the knot depending on how you want the scarf to hang. 
 photo 410aada0-eb5b-4944-ab03-52c3d14d023c_zpsf0114e93.jpg
And then just place it around your neck and there you go! 
 photo a599b9c8-9c63-4b2a-bd73-a4a0a9e8a79e_zpsf0781436.jpg
Be sure to follow my blog. See you tomorrow for Day 4! Have a fabulous Sunday!!



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