DAY 13: 30 Day Scarf Challenge

Hello everyone! It is day 13 of my 30 Day scarf challenge! First of all, since I left off with mustaches yesterday, I thought I would start off with them today! 
 photo daaacb36-4a4b-40b6-bfb1-1b5c757d2253_zpsd543489c.jpg
This is a car mustache (you know… for women who can’t grow mustaches?) Strange stuff, I know.
 photo 7390ca71-5af7-42f5-9b57-bf5d36f9b8ce_zps19858cd0.jpg
Here is my scarf for today! Yes, I know, I already wore an infinity scarf just like this however, I made this! It’s the first scarf I have ever crocheted and I was just so excited so I had to show it off. It’s not perfect but I’m pretty proud of it!
 photo a33b0795-91ae-49d5-99f4-cb3ca2aa36b2_zps77060f1a.jpg
I hope you all have more energy than I do today! Have a wonderful Wednesday. See you tomorrow for Day 14!

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