How do you feel about Moon Boots?

A couple years ago I was in Colorado with my family for Christmas. We stayed in this cute little town called Breckenridge in between mountains and at the bottom of the famous Peak 9. My family spent a lot of time skiing and snowboarding down Peak 9. I’ve had some knee problems so after one rigorous day I decided to stay in the Peak 9 Cafe at the bottom of the mountain reading and watching others ski and snow board (I’m not very good at it anyway). While there I noticed many styles that I loved because they were different than what you see in Chicago. I also noticed a type of boot that I’d never seen before and I’ve been fascinated ever since. I swore up and down I was going to buy some but I’m still holding off because they’re expensive and I feel they would be great for a place like the Colorado mountains but might look a little ridiculous in the suburbs on Chicago. They’re called moon boots. There are so many different kinds!
Moon Boot Classic Nylon $120.00 – Comes in multiple different colors
So now that you’ve seen some of the Moon Boots I’ve taken off of Tecnica’s website what do you think? (My personal favorite is the one with the furr!) Fashionable for anywhere with snow or just Colorado? 

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