Tribute to Aunt Gail

My Great Aunt Gail passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on Christmas Eve. This is her in front of the newspaper she ran on Washington Island in Wisconsin. While I am not close to her, I have very fond memories of my Aunt Gail, and most of them take place on that very island. 
Every year for quite some time my family and I would go up to Washington Island for a week on vacation. Gail and her husband Bob owned two cabins on the Island. They always spent the summer in their more modern on the two cabins and ran the Washington Observer. Every time my family went to the island, she would always write about us visiting and post it in their newspaper. We always had the greatest times on Washington Island, and I hope to go back someday soon, although it won’t be the same without her. 
One of the last times I had seen her they were celebrating her and Bob’s 50th wedding anniversaries. This was years ago, but I remember she had so many grandchildren it amazed me (and still does)! She was, and still is a very loved woman and left behind a very large, loving family. 
The one thing I remember clearly from all those trips to Washington Island was her telling me that nothing got to her because of her thick Norwegian skin. And I know because of that, she lived a long full life. I would have posted about her sooner but I wasn’t sure what to say. The news of her passing was so shocking and unreal. It really reminds us of how fragile life actually is.
So just like when she would write about my brother and I in the Washington Observer, here is my post about her, a caring and loving wife, mother, grandmother, aunt.
You will be missed Aunt Gail!

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