Old Things Made New

Old is new
Just like the dresser I posted about on Tuesday I love when old things are made new. I’m not sure why but I love old fashioned stuff, just with a few updates. And I know I said I wouldn’t buy useless things anymore, however once you see this you will totally get why I wanted needed it! 
I bought the Instax Mini 25!! I saw someone at work who bought it and I instantly fell in love. It is a modern Polaroid camera. I remember using Polaroids at my grandpa’s house when I was younger. This however has smaller pictures. They’re like Instagram pictures that are instantly printed. Possibly the greatest thing ever.
It almost looks like a toy camera but its pretty cute! You can get it in black, pink, blue, yellow, I saw a lot of different colors. I just chose white. It isn’t something I will take everywhere with me but let me tell you I am taking it on ever vacation Nick and I go on. I’ve already started putting the pictures I’ve taken into a scrap book! The best part is since the pictures are small I can put a lot on one page!
Here are the pictures I have taken so far. It really focuses pretty well and the pictures are just so cute and tiny! You even shake the pictures and wait a few minutes for them to fully develop. I’m having so much fun with it! I can’t wait for the next vacation Nick and I take where I can document it with these little pictures instead of just on Facebook. 
It is very different than I am used to because with my phone I can take as many pictures as I want and just delete the ones I don’t want. Its weird to be worried about wasting pictures and only taking one picture at a time (instead of taking multiples in a row in an attempt to get a good picture). I’m sure you will be seeing more pictures of pictures up on my blog! Can’t wait to take more pictures and put them in my scrap book. Just need to get some scrap booking paper now! 
I. Am. So. Excited.
What are old things made new that you are super excited about?

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