6 Things My Boyfriend Has Taught Me

1. Cars, cars, cars…

I have learned a lot about cars in the time I’ve dated Nick. I know what things are (like struts), I can recognize a flat or leaning tire on the car driving in front of me, and I notice scratches and dents a lot more than I used to. (Apparently I used to be blind to them, and now they’re all I see. Go figure). Nick has taught me more than I ever thought I would know about cars. Who knows, by next year maybe I will be able to change a tire!

2. How to drive in the snow.

Now this has to do with cars, however it is very different. I now have a little 2 door Honda Civic and let me tell you, it slips when it rains. I’m not sure if you are all aware of all the snow we got this year, but when the city decided they’re too good to plow the streets, my car doesn’t go any faster than 20 MPH. And even at the speed I’m sliding sideways. Not only have Nick placed sand bags behind the front seats (because if they were in the trunk my car would spin easier), but he as taught me to keep one hand on the wheel and one hand on the emergency break. I feel I can fully handle all weather now (but I don’t really want to… summer come back!)

3. When to cut myself off.

And for this I will be forever grateful. I’ll never forget the time Nick decided to cut me off and every time I got ahold of a new drink he would take it away and give me water. I was so mad at him! But he has taught me when I need to do that to myself and man has that been helpful!

4. That boy movies are way better than girl movies.

I can hardly sit through a chick flick anymore unless its a really good one (like Safe Haven!) I now enjoy movies where there are pretty cars and things blow up. Truth be told they have better plot lines! Plus they are much more unpredictable. Lately we have seen Lone Survivor which was so extremely sad but very well done and we actually just got back from seeing Ride Along with Kevin Hart and I seriously chocked on my skittles is was hysterical.

5. Never stop working hard.

Through the ups and downs, I have never seen Nick take a break from working hard. Not quite sure how he does it. 

6. That trust is key to a great relationship.

I don’t know what will happen 5 years from now. If we’ll be rich or poor; employed or unemployed; healthy or unhealthy. All I know is that I can trust him with my life. He is always there for me to lean on. Whether I need a shoulder to cry on (sorry for always getting mascara on your shoulder), or a friend to talk to. He’s my friend, my motivator, and the one who keeps me on the straight and narrow. Oh and my teacher of cars, ha!

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