I Want Rain Boots!

Cable knit sweater, denim and long red boots
Years leading up to now, I solemnly swore not to wear rain boots. I don’t know exactly why I didn’t like them. Something about the weird shiny rubber with no seam or texture just seemed wrong to me. However, they seem to have grown on me. I have yet to find the perfect pair but I am on a mission. I think I would truly enjoy keeping my feet warm and dry this spring.
I’m torn between getting classic yellow rain boots or something else. I think yellow would be super cute, but I would have limited things to wear with them! Black rain boots just seem wrong for some reason though. I love this outfit I saw on Pinterest, but I’m not one to wear red (outside of work). Decisions, decisions!
Here are some other rain boots I saw on Pinterest that I loved! Check back here soon to get a link to my Spring Time Pinterest Board.
In a world full of snowdrops, life is beautiful. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Rainboots ! SOOOO PRETTY. This with all black??
Yellow rainboots..
Joules rainboots - so cute, love the bows


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