I Changed My Mind About Rain Boots!

Well, I at least changed my mind about the specific rain boots I ordered. They were supposed to be cute, and fun! They look like work boots. I am so unimpressed. 
These were the boots I ordered. They look like a soft yellow which would be pretty cute considering I wanted them to look like typical yellow rain boots. I loved these because they just seemed so sunny and happy (stupid, I know) but I really thought I would love them. The second I saw the box get delivered I was immediately thrilled! The second I opened the box I was less than thrilled.
I was going to take a picture wearing them in the grass (ahem, snow) but since I will be returning them I couldn’t get them dirty! I blame Pinterest for making me believe they would be cute. 
This is what they were supposed to look like…
SLUGS Fleece Snow Rain Boot Liners Solid Navy with a White & Yellow Daisy on the Cuff, Winter Fall Fashion, Fleece Socks (Sm/Med 6-8 Boot). $18.00, via Etsy.
Because Shanna Said So...: Rain Boots Giveaway from Joules. Shoes
My first real photoshoot was with a yellow raincoat and boots playing in the puddles, and I would LOVE to do another. So many shots, like this one, that are still left to be made
RIP my love and longing for yellow rain boots. I’m going to return them and see if another color suits me better. 

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