The Shoes You Need This Spring!

 photo 28700bdb-39b9-4101-b0f2-87cdacd8012a_zps3f0fd3ed.jpg

It’s always hard to choose the best shoes to wear in between your beloved winter boots and your many colors of flip flops. Here are the shoes to wear this spring!
 photo 6c0ed7ab-ca20-4bba-8dcb-d6354f08572a_zps27f4533b.jpg

1. Rain Boots

You know the saying… April showers bring May flowers! These will keep your feet dry throughout the spring while still looking cute! If you have been following my blog you will know I originally bought yellow rain boots… Don’t get yellow unless you want them to look like work boots! A color you wear often (for me that’s pink) or a neutral such as black or navy is perfect. Hunter Rain Boots
 photo 5f173bdd-dc06-4e9e-b280-54c6a7b3c05b_zps52eee743.jpg

2. Cute Tennis Shoes

These are perfect for days when you will do a lot of walking. Spring is the perfect time for vacations and sight seeing. These will keep your feet dry, comfy, and looking cute! Target
 photo e9875014-720f-4f47-bdd5-528eec69e46e_zps38b844b0.jpg

3. Toms

Who doesn’t love Toms? These are perfect for lounging around. I got these in a neutral since the rest of my shoes are colorful! These best part about Toms is if they ever get dirty you can literally just throw them in the wash. Check out my post about Toms here. Toms
 photo 450dec88-5aa1-4a8f-b9c1-7e87b279c7b0_zpsb5ca18fb.jpg

4. Lacy Toms

I love my lacy Toms! They are perfect for hot days, especially if you don’t have your toes painted since you can see your toes in these. The ones I got are a lilac color but light enough that I use them as a neutral. Even though they have more detail then the regular Toms you can still throw these in the wash. Toms
 photo be0bc566-b92c-4be8-8c37-810ba629fa6e_zps4967f069.jpg
 photo 91316de4-3cc4-42d8-9d7e-dcd99638d1de_zps53e39196.jpg

5. Sperry’s

Last but not least, Sperry’s are the way to go! Boat shoes that look good everywhere. They are water proof which is perfect for the spring. Of course I had to get the ones with the sparkles. They even have Sperry Wedges! I am so excited to wear these! Sperry Topsider

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