Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago!

While it technically isn’t St Patrick’s Day yet but yesterday was St Patrick’s Day in Chicago! It was truly an experience I will never forget! We got a little bit of a late start because Nick slept in therefore I slept in (not that that was a problem). We caught the 12:29 train after getting some Starbucks.The train station was packed with green people and one odd man in a kilt. It was also about 25 degrees so he must have been freezing!
Ironically, St Patrick’s Day is the only day of the year you can’t drink on the train! Our train ride down town was filled with people who clearly were already drunk, but non-the-less uneventful. Our first stop downtown was the green river! Who knew it would be so green!! It was very exciting! 
This is another one of those things where I’ve lived near Chicago my whole life but have never actually been in Chicago for a big holiday. It was nuts. People were drunk everywhere, stumbling, screaming, smoking weed. It was pretty entertaining! It was also very cold! I was very disappointed that I had a cute green tank top on that says Shake Your Shamrocks but it was never seen. It was way too cold! 
We walked around the river for a while and then decided to go by The Bean since we knew we had missed the parade. When we got there, there were people running around with green balloons attached to them! It was complete madness!

Unfortunately, they had The Bean blocked off so we weren’t able to take pictures there. After a little more walking around and getting some food we decided to catch a train back to drink green beer outside of the city, where it is cheaper and a little calmer!

This is a picture of my mini Polaroid pictures! They never fully developed because it was so cold but what can you do.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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