How to Pack for a Weekend Trip: Packing Without Checking a Bag

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Friday Night I will be getting on a plane to fly out to San Antonio, Texas to visit one of my good friends and her two beautiful girls! It will definitely be a girls weekend! Packing can be a little difficult to pack for a four day weekend trip when you are taking a plane. I hate checking a bag. Not only does it take you longer to leave the airport after you land, but it costs a lot of money! So here are a few tips for packing for a weekend trip without checking a bag!

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Lets talk about liquids. Their rules seem to change all the time. As far as I’m concerned you have to have 3 fluid ounces or smaller containers of liquids in your carry on and they must all fit in a quart size bag. When you get to security you have to take that baggie out and put it in a bin by itself. (If these rules have changes, please, let me know!) My general rule of thumb for deciding weather or not its a “liquid” is how it is measured on the bottle. If it is measured by fluid ounces, its a liquid. If it is measured by ounces, I’d say you’re safe!

To cut down on liquids, instead of my normal face wash, I am bringing face wipes. Also, instead of bringing my normal liquid make up and powder, I am saving room by just bring my Clinique BB cream (Plus the BB cream is measured by ounces so that saves some room for more liquids!) Then the usually suspects; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, hand sanitizer (I don’t normally use this stuff but there are so many germs at the airport!), mouth wash, perfume, and yes, vodka. No, I am not an alcoholic, but I do like to have a drink on the plane! I get nervous on planes, not to mention this is the first time flying by myself in a very long time. All I have to order is an orange juice and voila! a screw driver to calm your nerves!

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 Another tip for saving room: don’t bring your laptop! Bring a tablet, or don’t bring anything at all! You don’t need to be connected to the internet 24/7! Kind of ironic that I just wrote that on my website, but its 100% true. I’m bringing my iPad so I can scroll through everyone’s wonderful posts on Bloglovin! Do not, and I repeat do not forgot your sun glasses! You will regret it! And obviously, you will need your wallet!

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This is the bag I will be using for my trip. Boarding on a plane you are able to take one personal bag (such as a purse) and one additional bag. Everything above will be put into this bag, along with some clothes and snacks. Anything I need accessible goes in here and when I board the plane I will put it under my chair. I will also be bringing a backpack which is where most of my clothes will go. Check back tomorrow to see what clothes I’m packing!



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