Lets Talk About Pet Peeves

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Lately I feel like I have a lot of pet peeves. I think I’m becoming a cynical old lady! I thought while these can piss me off to no end you can either relate, or make fun of me, ha!

– If I am talking, please don’t interrupt me! If someone else is talking don’t interrupt them! This drives me up a wall!! I used to have a friend who would ask me a question and once two words were out of my mouth they would interrupt me and just start talking about themself again! You just asked me a questions and you don’t even want to heard my answer?! UUGH! I had a professor in college that would ask the class a question and one someone started to answer he would interrupt you and tell you why your answer was wrong (even if it was right!). Let me just say I sat through that class clenching my jaw because the interrupting just never ended! Okay, rant over.

-This goes along the same lines as the first one but I’ll make it shorter! I can’t stand when people are constantly debbie downers. Do not come ruin my positive day because you are not happy with you’re life! You are the only one in control of your life! See, I can do short!

-When people stare, no matter what the reason. Didn’t your mother teach you staring isn’t polite?

-When people rant all over Facebook! OR! If they post way too much about the same things. I will delete you.

-When people talk super loud on the phone in a public area and you just want to tell them to shut up because you can’t even hear yourself think, but you don’t, because you’re polite.

-The Loreal lipstick in stores does not go in order by number… why would you not put the numbers in order? I don’t understand.

-I hate, hate, hate, when me shoes are too tight OR when my socks are in between my toes! Actually I hate socks in general! I have what I like to call claustrophobic feet ( I can’t be the only one, right?)

-I hate when people are clicking a pen when they are trying to think, let’s think in silence please and thank you.

-When people stand too close when they’re talking it freaks me out. It freaks me out even more when I take a step back and they take a step forward. Please stop.

-When people talk unnecessarily to fill the silence.

-When people don’t hear you because they’re too busy on their phone (I might be guilty of this once or twice).

-When people drive too slow.

-When people drive too fast.

-When people pass me while I’m running, biking, swimming or driving. I like to be #1, thank you 🙂

-Oh my, when people don’t use their lights on their car when its dark out raining out. Especially is they have a neutral colored because it’s hard to see!

Alrighty, this is just turning into a rant about people driving. What are your pet peeves? Leave a comment below!


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