When in Texas

For those of you who have been following I took a short trip to Texas to visit a friend! Here are some pictures from my trip!




This is my friend’s beautiful two year old Maya! (Don’t worry that Starbucks cup is empty!) This picture is how she did her hair and make up after watching me do my hair and make up. So cute!



This is Maya’s new little sister, Emma! And their Mama, Katie. I was so happy to see Katie and Maya, and meet Emma for the first time!



We had a lot of fun traveling and sight seeing! We did a lot of shopping and walking. The first day we went to the San Antonio Botanical Garden! It was seriously beautiful. We didn’t think about allergies and all the pollen, but it was worth it! We also visited Camp Bullis and Fort Sam Houston, which is where we saw the peacocks, ducks, roosters, and deer!





On this trip I’m proud to say I touched a lizard tail (above picture) and a peacock tail! Clearly, I’m living on the edge lately. Ha! It was definitely a great time! I can’t wait to go back when Nick can come with me!

  IMG_1948 IMG_1914 IMG_1913 IMG_1901     IMG_1872 IMG_1869


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