20 Easy Ways to Help Save The Planet


As I’m looking through Bloglovin for some inspiration for blogging today I decided to switch over and just start googling random stuff (story of my life). As I got to Google I notices its fun design, I’m always curious as to why they have pictures so naturally I hovered my mouse over the logo and sure enough, its Earth Day! I knew it was coming up but I didn’t realize it was today! I feel I do my part everyday by recycling everything and anything I can, using reusable water bottles, not letting the water run while I brush my teeth, not littering, paying bills online, and reusing plastic bags. Here’s a few easy ways you can help save our beautiful planet!

  1. If you travel a lot, use an E-ticket on your phone instead of printing out your tickets
  2. Travel by foot or bicycle (its good exercise too!)
  3. Take the train to work instead of driving (save money on gas too!)
  4. Turn off your laptop when you’re not using it (I really should start doing this)
  5. Keep your lights off when you are not in that room
  6. Use those fancy reusable shopping bags instead of getting plastic bags every time you go to the store
  7. Recycle, recycle, recycle!
  8. Start a compost (I’ve always wanted to do this – maybe I should start today!)
  9. Wear clothing a couple times before washing (less laundry to do!)
  10. Donate! You can donate eye glasses, clothing, shoes, old cell phones….
  11. Purchase local food, and fruits and vegetables that are in season
  12. Hang dry your clothes (it keeps them nicer longer, anyway!)
  13. Water your plants and lawns when the sun is down
  14. Make homemade cleaners or fabric fresheners (I’ve seen a lot of these recipes on Pinterest)
  15. Don’t drive aggressively (saves on gas money as well)
  16. Let your hair air dry (keeps your hair healthier too)
  17. Open the windows! (Unless its obscenely hot outside there really is no reason for air conditioning)
  18. Use glass containers to store your food (no more of those plastic containers you throw out after a couple uses)
  19. I beg of you, don’t litter! (I’m surprised people still think this is okay but I’ve seen it quite a bit)
  20. Plant a tree!

These may be things you all already know but its always great to be reminded of the little ways we can help save the planet. These are just the simplest ways you can help without completely changing your lifestyle and I plan to take part in these! I hope you will join me! If you have other ideas on how we can make a difference please post below!



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