Five On Friday

So this is my first time doing the Five on Friday link up so let me know if I did it right! Here goes nothing…


My baby boy has been limping on and off lately! He’s been babying his leg he has surgery on and it has been making me so sad and nervous that he may need another surgery!  photo d3fbb66a-9b87-4d73-80c8-61240ba55002_zps196d91d7.jpg


I’m looking forward to summer more than ever now that Nick and I are starting to make plans! One thing I love to do in the summer is bet on the horses at the race track! Here we are last year enjoying strawberry daiquiris and winning losing bets.  photo fb44c76c-77f0-411d-9a0e-9ac0c7a96cd2_zpse54f8a27.jpg


So I always seem to have a hard time finding a lotion that isn’t too smelly. I came across this lotion that I originally had thought was only for pregnant people, and if it is I don’t care! It smells so good I could eat it! It literally smells like you’re lathering yourself in creamy coco (that doesn’t sound as delightful as it really is). But trust me, it is totally worth the money!


Lately a pros and cons lists is all I need to make hard decisions! They really help you get your thoughts straight!     download


I can’t get over how funny The Big Bang Theory is! No matter how many times I watch a show I still laugh out loud! Penny-Cant-stop-Lauging-With-a-Broken-Arm-On-Big-Bang-Theory-Gif



  1. Megan · April 25, 2014

    Popped over from the link-up! Cute blog!! I love The Big Bang Theory too – it gets me going every time! 🙂 Hope your pup feels better!! Have a great weekend!


  2. harveyeverafter · April 27, 2014

    Summer fun at the horse races! What a great idea.

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After


  3. Hello + Happy Weekend!! Swinging by from the link up 🙂 Sunshine & daiquiris, isn’t Summer bliss? 😉 I love the Big Bang Theory too! So funny! Have a fabulous week!!


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