6 Tips for Happy, Healthy Hair

 photo 55136378-ff25-4bd1-b1cd-fd2c5ef97e69_zps84199569.jpg

I just got my hair done for the summer and I thought I would share some of the knowledge I learned this time with you!


You should wash your hair once or twice a week to let your natural oils condition your hair and scalp.


Dove dry shampoo is apparently not good for your hair…. sad, I love my Dove dry shampoo. Paul Mitchell Dry Shampoo is more expensive but healthier for your hair.


When you wash your conditioner out of your hair use cold water. It locks in the moisture and makes your hair smoother!


You should comb your hair with a wide tooth comb after you shower to stimulate your scalp.
 photo 82f76b92-abde-4359-a74f-80a53799d6af_zpsd520106e.jpg


Always put product in your hair before blow drying, curling or straightening. I use Tresemme Thermal Conditions Heat Protective Spray.

 photo 4258d94a-0d2a-490b-a636-67ab404afc50_zps19120d9d.jpg



If you don’t like sleeping with your hair down, put it up loosely in one of those old fashioned scrunchies.



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