When Should You Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

I was never really self-conscious about wrinkles, I mean common I’m only in my 20’s! But lately I’ve been wondering when you should start using it. I was reading Self Magazine and I flipped to their featured article on skin care and it was a lot of anti-aging products!

 photo 94d6af5d-98b8-4767-848a-45840f2efbab_zps24447e06.jpg


So my question is if I start using these product now will I have a youthful face longer? Or at the first sight of a wrinkle so I start stocking up on these products to reverse the crease in my face? Are these products even necessary?

When I first turned 20, I was shopping at the mall when a sales person approached me trying to sell product from the dead sea that are supposed to greatly improve my appearance. She continued to point out my puffy eyes and the little lines on my face I’m generally not concerned with because who doesn’t have a few lines on their face? But I feel there are times I greatly focus on the bags under my eyes, the lines on my face when I smile, and that annoying little crease in my forehead! And while I know I’m overreacting and being way too hard on myself for things other people probably don’t notice, I can’t help but wonder if there is something I can do to prevent it from getting worse besides just staying out of the sun.

So I took it upon myself to look this predicament up on WebMD like I normally do and they say in your 20’s, use sunscreen and don’t smoke. Check and check. They also say there is little proof those anti-aging products actually work. Now that’s a little concerning! What to believe?

How do you feel about anti-aging cream and wrinkle prevention in your 20’s? How do you keep your skin looking great?


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