Five Loves on Friday


I posted last week about My poor baby’s hurt leg and I am happy to be posting his leg is almost back to normal! His limping is minimal and that makes for a very happy mommy!



With warmer weather comes the opportunity to work out outside! Here is a picture of someone I ran into while biking in the forest preserve! Such beautiful animals!



I just started watching this show this week because the commercials were so funny and I have to say I am officially obsessed! This show is absolutely hilarious!




Nick has been more than amazing this week by taking care of my when I sliced my hand open this weekend! I will spare you the gory pictures but when I probably should have gotten stiches he made sure I didn’t get an infection and he taped my hand up so it is starting to close up! Thanks for being the best, Nick!





My Favorite salmon recipe! I cooked it for dinner on Sunday and I swear and been eating the left overs all week. It just keeps getting better and better. Maybe I should cook it again Sunday night? Ha

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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