Men’s Fashion Gone Wrong… Very Wrong

Nick and I were recently strolling around Target in the men’s clothing department. Here is what we found… (Nick hid his face because he was so embarrassed by these shirts.) Also, sorry if these all of these pictures aren’t fully focused, we couldn’t stop laughing!

 photo b7a88fc5-3afb-46ba-be8d-947e2aa52a23_zpsd76620dd.jpg

If you can’t afford this shirt, you could make one just like it from your grandmother’s curtains! Or couch cushions!

 photo 7fada533-c4cb-4935-b983-a34b4f8d4dfc_zps49408e31.jpg

Birds of a feather flock together!

 photo 9613dd29-836f-4971-bbb8-d40556826a48_zps5a30d215.jpg

You could wear this shirt if you want to match your box of Froot Loops.

 photo 566aa9a3-5669-4896-aa03-24b357555788_zpsa094f7cd.jpg

“Under the sea, under the sea, Darling it’s better, Down where it’s wetter, Take it from me!”

 photo 82a4ef3d-a895-4e3f-91d2-16ed111c9ad7_zpse4ca7739.jpg

When bikers do business.

 photo 27119381-34df-41de-99f4-177680244a38_zpscb24fd94.jpg

I don’t wanna taco ’bout it.

 photo 1b43640c-2957-4b3c-8ace-4d2d54c9ebff_zps15a366ca.jpg

I have no comment.

 photo 69ab8159-331d-4601-b51d-404d04dbe238_zpscfbe8936.jpg

Anchors AHOY matey!!

I hope this made you laugh today! Happy Monday Everyone!


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