7 Values I Believe In

 photo dc5d10ea-d611-474d-9704-620b912eb0ad_zpsd2c48edf.jpg

Photo credits to my mom! I also wore this skirt {here}

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” ― Roy Disney

one // HONESTY

I’m a firm believe that honesty is always the best policy. Plus its easier than trying to keep track of all of your stories!

two // FAITH

Faith in God, and faith that everything happens for a reason. Nothing is an accident.

three // HARD WORK

Nothing is handed to you. I believe it is important to work for everything you have, otherwise you won’t value it as much.


One thing I love about my friends is they are always there for me, even if they live across the country! There is no greater feeling than knowing who you can count on.


There are so many things that can happen that can give someone a negative attitude. But attitudes are contagious! I try my hardest to always have a positive outlook and I like to surround myself with people who do the same.


One thing I’ve learned from the schools I’ve attended and the places I’ve worked, diversity not only broadens your knowledge but it opens you eyes to many things!


Knowing that there is always room for improvement and striving to be better it the recipe for success!

What values do you believe in?


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