Supporting The Entrepreneurs

 photo edit1234_zpsd9556459.jpg

You may recognize this outfit from my pictures yesterday, but I liked to so much I wanted to drag it out into two separate posts!

Jeans: Buckle

Tank: Target

Fly Away: Papaya

I had a mini epiphany the other day… Nothing huge but I wanted to share it with you. If you’ve have been following my blog from the beginning (which is pretty much just my boyfriend) you would know that my dream is to start my own online boutique. As someone who wants to start my own boutique, I sure spend a lot of money at corporations! Nothing wrong with the clothes at Target or Buckle, but I’ve decided Iwill start spending my money in boutiques and on Etsy. Places where I am personally making that person’s business strive. Because when I am selling clothes one day I would hope people would do the same for me. Plus, how many times have you bought something from a store everyone shops at and seen multiple people in that shirt?! I wore a cute striped v-neck from Target to Chicago one day and I literally saw at least 7 other people in the same exact shirt that day. Talk about being unique, right? Ha. So here is my pact, I will only buy clothes from boutiques and smaller stores. (I just signed up for Stitch Fix and I’m super excited to see what they send me!) So that’s my little epiphany, not really an epiphany, more of a thought that crossed my mind and a promise I’m making to myself. Just add it to my list of values!

P.S. If I post pictures with clothes that are from corporations, its because I had bought them before, I promise!


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