Five on Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Here are the five things I love this week!


one /

I’m so excited for this weekend because the weather just keeps getting better! Even Blitz agrees! I let him outside quickly before I had to leave the house and I couldn’t get him to come back in!


two /


This week I have decided I’m going to give up coffee… If only for a little while! I’m trying to be healthier and I’m realizing I can not longer drink coffee like water! So I’m cutting back until I can control my coffee addiction! So when I am in need of caffeine I will be drinking tea… We will see how long this lasts, ha!


three /

 photo bbd8fc52-35b5-47fa-9819-ca7fce6b8c41_zpsb0cb83fc.jpg


(Sorry for the blurry picture!) I had to include my mom of course since Sunday is Mother’s Day! Here we are at the race track on my birthday.


four /

This summer Nick and I are planning on going to many country concerts! Nick took me to see Blake Shelton last year for my birthday! I’m so excited for all of the concerts this summer!!


five / 

My summer bucket list has already begun! I took about a 7 mile bike ride today and I plan on biking more this weekend! I just love seeing the wildlife while I bike ride!

Have a wonderful weekend!!




  1. Great idea to drink more tea-it’s so much better for you!

    Have a great weekend.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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