Writing Through Fears

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If you’ve been following my blog, you know I recently took a trip to Texas to visit a friend. I was terrified to fly alone and I also had a sinus infection which I was not thrilled about. While I was waiting for my flight, I started to write to calm my nerves. Here is what I wrote at the airport:

I’ve been to many airports but not one is like O’Hare airport. I mean, this place has everything, everything. After going through security I walked past multiple bars (none of which I could stop in since I have a sinus infection and according to my pharmacist I should not drink on the antibiotics I’m on), multiple stores sporting Chicago paraphernalia, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, book stores, jewelry shops, clothing stores, other random fast food franchises, and last but not least Starbucks. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any food or drinks here because it’s ridiculously overpriced, but with as dry as my throat was, as much as I was coughing, and as nervous as I was to be flying alone, I decided I should stop and get some hot tea.

I walk up to the counter and pulled out my wallet. All the time I am coughing nonstop and my eyes are starting to water. The woman standing behind the cash registers looks at me very pathetically and asks me of I need a cup of water. I nod, embarrassed, and continue to cough. Once I catch my breath I quickly order a hot peppermint tea.

Arriving at the gate to wait for my plane I look around and see very bored looking people in every other seat. I sit down quickly where I can spread out my stuff the most, claiming my territory. I pull out my laptop to start scrolling through Bloglovin’ and quickly discover the only way to get internet here now is to pay a monthly fee. I would use my phone’s hotspot but my phone only has 30% battery because I suck at charging it and because this airport apparently doesn’t have any outlets.

I’m very nervous to be flying alone. The only time I have ever flown alone was when I was on yet {link} another mission trip with my church in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina when my uncle passed away. I was 13 at the time and had to fly home alone for the funeral, however I was escorted to and from the plane, and because the airport staff knew I was going home because my uncle passed, they placed me in first class, right in the first seat. It was the best yet loneliest experience I have ever had on a plane, but that’s a story for another time.

The one thing that has been calming my nerves is the people watching. This is normally an activity Nick and I do together, it can be very entertaining. Unfortunately, today I was all alone. I watched two married people flirting with each other after meeting for the first time.  I watched a guy walking through the airport, hips swinging, listening to music with an old-fashioned CD player and head phones. You see business people, military, cow boys (maybe just because I’m waiting for a flight to Texas?), and you hear many different languages being spoken. There is really an endless amount of people watching here.

I wish I could be cool like the girls sitting next to me and put their feet up on the chairs across from us, but my legs aren’t long enough. I can’t get comfortable, I can’t charge my phone, I don’t have internet and I’m getting more and more nervous to board the plane. Nervous that I will be coughing the whole time and annoy people on the plane (to which I will politely say I am not contagious because I’ve been on antibiotics for over 24 hours thank you very much), nervous that my entire box of tissue I have in my carry-on bag won’t be enough, and nervous that when there is turbulence I won’t be able to squeeze the life out of Nick’s hand. By the time you will be reading this I will already (fingers crossed of course) e landed safely in Texas and at my friend’s house meeting her new baby! I feel bad for whoever might happen to sit next to me because they’re going to be very annoyed with me, especially if there’s turbulence…

I got cut off there because they started to board the plane by group. Unfortunately, as I started gathering my stuff to board the plane I got a nose bleed! Talk about bad luck… Luckily no one was sitting next to me so once I got my nose bleed under control it was a very comfortable ride… That was until the landing, but that’s a story for a different time!


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