Imperfections Make You Perfect

 photo IMG_23641_zps29df9f1b.jpg


Everyone has imperfections, everyone has insecurities. I find myself caught up in my imperfections and insecurities multiple times a day. I’m not as in shape as I want to be, my skin isn’t as clear as I want it to be, and gosh dang it I can never get my hair to look how I want it too! But you know what? That doesn’t hold me back. It doesn’t hold me back from putting together outfits and standing in front of the camera like I couldn’t care less. It hasn’t held me back and it won’t. Because even though these thing make me insecure, I was made perfectly imperfect, and so were you. Imperfections are what make us, well, us!

There will always be something you want to change about yourself. That’s natural. But you shouldn’t let it get you down, and you shouldn’t let it hold you back. If you let your insecurities and your imperfections hold you back from doing what you want to do, then you need to be stronger than that. I know you can be!

I saw {this video} the other day about the woman with the condition that causes de-pigmentation of the skin. It reminds me of a friend I had in junior high who had the same condition. I always looked up to this friend because she was so different than everyone else who tried so hard to look the same as everyone. She was so confident in her skin, even though her skin was different colors. I admired that. I don’t have that kind of confidence. And she totally could have been faking it the whole time. I’m sure she has insecurities about it, especially at that age. But she sure as hell didn’t show it!

It doesn’t matter how many petitions against body shaming you sign, you will always see your imperfections and have insecurities. But I am challenging you today to let those imperfections show! Its what makes you beautiful! And confidence will only make you more beautiful! Take off your make up like this woman in the video and let those imperfections show!

Let the imperfections show! And be confident in your own skin!


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