My Addiction…



The truth is I have an addiction. Many people may not realize, but there are many who know about it. On Friday I had gone 5 days without it but the day got rough and I caved. I shamefully gave in, but I needed it! That’s right, I have a serious coffee addiction! I gave it up because I was getting bad stomach aches and according to my WebMD research cutting out coffee is what I needed to do. But its so dang hard! So I’ve been drinking half-caff lattes. I have even been making half-caff Keurig cups! Its just not the same.

I’ve tried just drinking tea and as much as I love tea, its more of a relaxation thing for me. Tea just doesn’t wake me up! What do you drink in the morning besides coffee? Is there anything better for you out there?



  1. katie · May 19, 2014

    I have to just roll out of bed like a droan and take the dog for a walk.


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