Summer Break

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Oh how I miss the days where you count down to the last day of the school year and then you’re free for the whole summer. I’m at the in between age where half of the people I know have full time jobs and the other half are out of school for the summer or they just graduated and have a summer break before they start looking for a full time job. I’ve gotten to that age where I don’t buy swim suits every year anymore because if I can make it to the pool just once its a good summer! Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for my job, my education, and my blog! But why do we have to grow up so fast?! I’m not ready for it!

This summer I’m going to try to make it a summer break. Yes, I still have to work, and yes I will still be here blogging. But instead of watching TV every day like I normally do, maybe I’ll spend that time at the pool. Maybe I’ll actually check everything off my summer bucket list this year. Maybe I’ll actually get a tan this year!! Now that would make my summer… I should add getting a tan to my bucket list.

What do you miss about being in school?


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