She Howls At The Phone

 photo IMG_1679_zps543a0aed.jpg

My dog had been my best friend since that day when I was at the pet store with my parents and begged to take her home with us. Over 12 years later, she is still my baby! However, the older she gets, the crazier she gets! I’m not sure if this is normal for dogs, to loose their mind as they get older, but I’m sure my dog is the weirdest out there!

 photo IMG_1809_zpsf9dade2b.jpg

For starters, she’s terrified of loud noises. This is her typical reaction to a mild thunderstorm, or even rain really. If its a really intense thunderstorm you can normally find her under the bed, in the fire place, or attached to my leg. She also gets this way if you clap your hands, apparently it sounds like thunder to her. The vet told us to give her benadryl when she gets scared like this and it really doesn’t change a thing!

 photo IMG_1675_zps580cc0e7.jpg

Another thing that seriously freaks her out is things that change. If you move anything around the house she walks around with her tail in between her legs and just stares at you. If you pile together clothes you are going to donate, moving boxes of things into storage, or rearrange the furniture she gets really upset! Also, if there is any weird noises around the house like the treadmill running or the battery is low on the smoke detector she will ask to go outside, and if you make the mistake of letting her outside good luck getting her back into the house! She will stay out until you catch her and drag her back in and by that point you’re probably late for work.

Last but not least the weirdest thing she does is howl at the phone. She is a husky so I guess howling is in her blood, but at the phone?! Ha, I don’t know what to tell you. The video above is one of many I have of her howling at the phone, and she does this everytime the phone rings!

Anyone else have a weird dog out there?


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