Change Starts With You

 photo b7fb5c0b-1362-4842-acb0-6b7995cafa10_zpse888f88f.jpg


Life is always changing, and I love it. Nothing ever stays the same for long. Technology is always making the world spin faster and will keep you busy at all moments of the day. If you live in Chicago, one day its snowing, the next day its in the 80s! Now, I don’t necessarily love snow in May, but I love variety. I change my clothes multiple times a day sometimes because I just love change!

Change is something I think everyone has to embrace these days. Everything is changing rapidly. I think that is what is great about our generation, we are used to change. If you look at older generations, they are very stuck in their ways. They are used to the “olden times” and while there are things from my childhood that I wish were the same now, change is what is driving us to continually become better people. Change is what helps us learn and become more open minded.

Challenge yourself to learn something new every day. Push yourself to become more equip with the ever changing technology, because that is our future. Do more than just your job. Pursue knowledge and hobbies and continue to be the generation that changes the world at this rapid rate. Be the change you want to see!

Change in your life and lives around you can only start with you. Your life and future are in your hands. Be the change you want to see in the world!


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