Life Lately…

So you may have noticed I’ve been really bad about posing everyday lately! And if you haven’t noticed then… good, forget what I was just saying, ha! But really, life has been crazy lately! And instead of trying to cramming it into one super long endless post, I’ll split it up into a couple different posts, I like to try to keep things interesting.

First of all, just to add to my crazy busy life, I’ve been sick for a while. I have bad allergies and sometimes my allergies get so bad that I give myself sinus infections. It really is a vicious cycle. So I’m pretty much over my sinus infection (I think) but I have this awful cough that won’t go away, I sound like I’ve chain smoked my whole life, its truly disgusting. So be happy you are reading my thoughts and not listening to them!


 photo photo14_zps813e34f2.jpg

Second of all I just want to reinforce how much I love summer. I feel like I post about the weather a lot but the weather really controls my moods. And I actually love all seasons, you just get really excited when its finally warm outside after have snow on the ground for 6 months (thank you Chicago…) So here I am enjoying wearing a tank top and shorts, windows down, wind blowing through my hair. I always wanted to take a picture like this because I think its so funny that my hair flies up and out of my sun roof when I’m driving fast enough! As I was taking this picture a police officer was watching me and I’m pretty sure he was laughing! OOPS!


 photo photo13_zps7dbbf726.jpg

One thing I look forward to in the summer is bonfires. Its just so relaxing watching the fire and eating s’mores. Doesn’t get better than that! We had a bonfire at a birthday party I went to, there sure are a lot of birthdays in the summer! And I’m looking forward to celebrating every single one of them!

 photo photo27_zpsa8697b90.jpg
 photo photo19_zps9a331d6b.jpg
 photo photo16_zps0a2febe0.jpg
 photo photo18_zpsf8722366.jpg


Another thing I’ve been sincerely enjoying are bike rides! Here are just a few pictures I took while biking. Not only does it clear my mind, but it also help my allergies! Plus there are many interesting sights you can find while biking. Biking has definitely become a passion of mine, so plan on seeing more pictures from my bike rides posted! So far my longest bike ride is only 12 miles but I plan on getting well over 20 by the end of summer!

I will post more about my past weekend tomorrow so check back for more! Also, since I have a wonderful 4 day weekend I will be planting flowers and a maple tree I found growing in my yard! (I’m moving it so it doesn’t destroy the basement) I can’t wait to post more about it!

What do you love to do in the summer?


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