Brad Paisley Up Close!

 photo cf92371a-465f-4ee1-b259-e74b927b7bab_zpsbabd5838.jpg

This year Nick and I bought Country Mega tickets! BEST INVESTMENT EVER! Last weekend we saw Brad Paisley and it was so much fun! He played all the best songs and there was never a dull moment. Nick and I sat right in the middle and center of the amphitheater. The seats were perfect! Little did we know there was an even closer platform to our seats that Brad would run to in the middle of the show!

 photo 20d88646-0bf2-431f-96ae-9860ae44f09c_zpsf9f482c2.jpgThis is a picture I took with my cell phone with no zoom! That’s how close he was! I had just gotten back from the food stand when I passed the t-shirt stand that had no line in front of it! I left my purse with Nick at our seats and only brought enough cash for food, so when I got back to our seats, Nick was getting up to get something so I asked him to grab me the #5 shirt in a medium. He was gone only 5 minutes when Brad ran up to that platform! I grabbed my phone to take pictures and ran. Once I got as close as I could, I texted Nick to come back ASAP because Brad Paisley was RIGHT HERE! I felt so terrible for asking him to get me a t-shirt, I have terrible timing! Fortunately he was able to see the end of it! Overall, such a great concert I totally recommend going to see Brad Paisley!


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