Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Since swim season is actually here, I have been trying to really get healthy. The only problem is my love for chocolate keeps getting in the way! But I’m getting better I promise! I have made it a point to work out every day and get my daily steps in on my Jawbone. I’ve been making smoothies to cure my sweet tooth {Click here and here for my favorite recipes}. And, don’t judge, but I’ve been starting to drink apple cider vinegar (ACV).

I was doing some research on it because I’ve always heard so many good things about drinking ACV and I’ve been curious. I found this fantastic blog called Eating Bird Food which has a lot of information on drinking ACV. I also read through a lot of the comment on the blog posts. Apparently… which it tastes horrible at first, if you stick with it you actually end up craving it everyday.

So I’m going to give it a week. Today was the second day for me, and honestly it was easier to drink. Here’s how I drink it:

 photo acv_zpsdf3230a8.jpg


highly recommend plugging your nose and drinking it as fast as possible. I also chase it down with a large glass of water.

Getting into shape sucks, but I know once it all becomes more of a routine my body will thank me!

Anyone else drink apple cider vinegar? How do you drink it?



  1. nmherron22 · June 10, 2014

    You’re supposed to take it as a shot… 🙂


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