A Woman’s Best Accessory

As cliche as it sounds, confidence will always be a woman’s best accessory. You can work hard all year to have a perfect bikini body, and even if you achieve it, if you don’t have the confidence, its likely no one else will notice your perfect bikini body. If you are fixated on your imperfections, everyone else will be too.

Sometimes its hard to remember that everyone has imperfections and insecurities. Its easy to see celebrities and models on the covers of magazines and think there is no way they could have insecurities. Its easy to think, if I was as skinny or as pretty as them I would have nothing to be insecure about. But the truth is they all have their insecurities too. And if you looked close enough, or looked at pictures of them that aren’t photo shopped, you would see the imperfections too. We all have them, and that’s what makes us beautiful! Who cares if you have a zit on  your face, or wrinkles or lines on your face or cellulite on your legs. Its important to know that no one is going to notice them unless you seem insecure about them.

So who cares about your imperfections! If we are shooting for perfect we will never get there! Never! Ever! So stop putting yourself down for things no one else cares about. We all have imperfections. Put on your best accessory, confidence. It goes with everything and looks good on everyone. And best of all its free! Even if you don’t feel confident, fake it. You will look 10 times more amazing, I promise! Roll your shoulders back and hold your head high.

Always act like you are wearing an invisible crown. Lift your head up princess, if not the crown falls.


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