Five on Friday (The 13th)

ONE// My Babies

20140507-101704.jpg  20140507-101715.jpg

I know I post about these two a long but I just love them more than anything! They are my source of entertainment everyday, these two have crazy and very different personalities! Haha if only you all could meet them.

TWO// Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Quotes Funny | Image via Some e Cards .

I did some spring cleaning this week… Let me tell you, I will never in my lifetime need to buy more lotion, nail polish or purses!

THREE// Summer Country Concerts

 photo cf92371a-465f-4ee1-b259-e74b927b7bab_zpsbabd5838.jpg


Nick and I saw Brad Paisley and we have many more country concerts to go to this summer! On Saturday we will be seeing Rascal Flatts! CANNOT WAIT!

FOUR// Recipes for Success

20+ Health Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Click here for my own recipe for getting your daily dose of ACV! I’ve just started drinking this to see if it will keep me on track with getting healthier this summer.

FIVE// Personal Confidence

Inner beauty-- becomes outer beauty. If you are nasty and mean to others your appearance is perceived that way...

Since I’ve started working out everyday, eating healthier, and drinking ACV I have gained back confidence in myself and feel great! It is so nice to feel confident again.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Hi! Good to meet you! Your fur babies are too cute and I totally agree with that sentiment about beauty! Have a fabulous weekend!


  2. stasia · June 14, 2014

    We use Apple Cider Vinegar all the time and I am Jealous of the summer concerts y’all are going to! I have seen Brad Paisley, but not Rascall Flatts!


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