Rascal Flatts Was AMAZING

 photo photo4_zps5a2c0a2f.jpg
This past weekend Nick and I were able to see Rascal Flatts for the second time! It was the first concert was saw together as a couple three years ago. It was even better than the first time we saw them! If you are looking for a great date to go on with your significant other, I highly recommend a Rascal Flatts concert! With all of their cute songs, I swear all the couples at the concert were swaying in each other’s arms.

 photo a4e00180-25e0-4d55-afab-a36c516f003d_zps8e99e7c9.jpg

This is Nick and I at our first concert together over 3 years ago! We bonded over our love for country music and still do!

 photo photo23_zps61d24e01.jpg

As a huge country fan I know there are many talents artists out there, Rascal Flatts included. But you do not realized how talented they really are until you are at their concert! They are fantastic! There was a point were the entire band did an acapella  song… my jaw was dropped. I could not believe my ears!

 photo photo3_zpsaeae7fe3.jpg

Seriously though, such a great concert! These were the pictures we posted during the concert on {Instagram} and {Twitter}.

(Sorry for the pixely pictures!)

*Forgot to mention! Before Rascal Flatts come on stage, if you tweeted pictures to #rewind they shoed them on the big screens! Nick and I got 4 out of 4 pictures up on the big screen! It was exciting!! Check out my Twitter or Instagram to see the pictures that were on the big screen! The links are above 🙂


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