A Super Power Every Girl Wants

I was at a movie the other day and honestly at the moment I can’t remember which movie it was but it got me thinking about super powers. At first I thought if I had a super power I would want to fly. Because how cool would that be? First of all you would have a beautiful view from high up all to your self and you could beat rush hour traffic to and from work. Ideal, right?

Though I realized that flying is so unoriginal; that was my super power in elementary school. So, the true super power I really want (and I’m sure you can agree with me here girls) is to be able to pin things on Pinterest and have then instantly appear in real life. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE???

If granted this wish I would go straight to outfits from Fashion Week and here’s what I would instantly pin…

The street style is in from Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week! See all the best looks here.

Street Style Spring 2014: Copenhagen Fashion Week


From The Shoes Up: Color Block   Bright Hues


white pumps-schoolmarmchic


Street Style: Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014


Paris Fashion Week SS 2014....Elisa - Vanessa Jackman


What would your super power be and why?



  1. Blake · June 26, 2014

    I would probably start by pinning myself a new house with a yard so that my dog has a place to play (and so I have a new place to decorate). And then I’d probably go around pinning a million shoes and dresses. And then, I’d have to pin some desserts and awesome food!


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