How to Get the Best Sunless Tan*

 photo howtogetthebestsunlesstan_zps8aa44141.jpg


Last week I spent the day in Chicago shopping, eating, and riding the water taxis. The main reason I went down to Chicago was to get tan. Not tan at the beach, but tan at Ortanic! I’ve always had trouble getting tan without burning because my skin is so fair. Not to mention last year my mom had skin cancer, so I’ve been trying to be a lot more careful with how I treat my skin in the sun.

I was a little nervous walking into Ortanic, because I’ve heard some horror stories about spray tans, and the last thing I wanted was to look orange! However, the spray tan, compliments of Ortanic, completely blew my mind! It literally offered all they promised.

There are 5 locations for Ortanic through out Chicago, but I went to their Gold Coast location. The technician was wonderful! She asked how tan I would like to be, and she mixed a custom color to make it look as natural as possible. Before and after she hand sprayed the color, she sprayed a pH balancing formula to help the tan last longer. Afterwards, she applied power to my back, under arms and behind my knees to help the tan stay, I was afraid of sweating the tan off because it was 90 degrees out! The looked amazing when first applied, and still looks great a week later! The picture above is one week after getting the spray tan! The tone and the color are both perfect and very natural looking.

 photo Slide1_zpsd0714fe5.jpg


You can clearly see a difference in my before and after pictures. My skin looks more even and has more of a glow to it. My shoulders are uneven in the picture because after the spray tan I walked around with a back pack on in 90 degree weather ha, however after I showered the tan evened out and looks like I just got back from vacation! It is definitely something I would do again!

Check out Ortanic’s website here or check them out on Facebook or Twitter!


One comment

  1. lookbeyondbeauty · June 24, 2014

    Cool, I’m just gathering up my courage to self tan at home, my St. Tropez mousse is waiting! 😀
    lets follow each other? 🙂


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