5 Reasons Why You Should Blog

i love blogging

one // you will meet new people

There’s a huge sense of community with blogging. When I first started blogging I really had no idea how many people out there have blogs. And those bloggers out there tend to be people I can really relate to as a blogger/fashion lover. There are more and more blogs that I find everyday and its fun getting to know people through their writing and pictures. Once you start reaching out to other bloggers, you will gain more readers and people will start commenting on your blog! I always get excited when I see someone new commenting on my blog and I always love to hear what people have to say. Not to mention, you will never run out of reading material while reading blogs!


two // you can express yourself anyway you want

I love that I can write what ever I want on my blog and no one can tell me otherwise. I can do what ever I want to it. Its all mine! Muahaha… But really! I love expressing myself through my writing and my (amateur) photography, putting it all together and having people read it! I truly feel like I have the power to inspire people and to make a positive influence in peoples’ lives, no matter how small.


three // its a great hobby

Not only is it a great hobby, but its a free hobby. And you can make money doing it! Blogging is a hobby that I do for myself. My boyfriend and I have hobbies together, but its always healthy to have something you like to do for yourself. Plus, since I’ve started blogging my boyfriend has helped me out by taking pictures, proofreading, and fixing my mistakes even after I’ve posted something. Gotta love that guy!


four // you are documenting your life

One thing that changed for me when I started blogging was that I started documenting the things I did, and the memories I never want to forget. I used to always forget to take pictures, but now I make sure I take an abundance of pictures and write a post while the memory is fresh in my mind. Now when I want to relive those moments, I go back a reread my post, look through my pictures and sometimes repost it!


five // its fun

It really is!


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