What NOT to do at a concert

 photo 10421605_10100106201145817_1068096572708126387_n_zpsadd8f7d7.jpg


1// Don’t photo bomb a couple trying to take a cute pic (see above, lady in green shirt)

2// Don’t go around yelling WOOOOOOOO right next to people when there is no band playing yet. Sit your drunk ass down, you are not a freight train.

3// Don’t stand in the crowd, arms crossed acting like you don’t want to be here. No one is forcing you to stay.

4// Don’t stand in front of someone’s seat when they leave to get another beer and don’t hip check them or lean on them when they try to squeeze back into the space they were once standing in.

5// Don’t sit in someone else’s seat when they had their purse still on the seat. I don’t want your ass on my purse!

6// Don’t tell me to move my purse out of the seat I paid for so you can sit down.

7//Don’t have your cousin stand up for you by having her say “Please don’t speak to my cousin that way.” I wasn’t speaking to you in any way, you were sitting in my seat on my purse.

8// Once you realize that you in fact sitting in my seat and on my purse don’t act like its my fault!

These are all things that happened to me at the Tim McGraw concert on Friday. I feel these things are common sense but apparently not! Have a wonderful Monday!


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