My Thighs Touch (And I’m Okay With It)

thigh gap

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One thing I just can’t get over is girls, and women, striving to achieve a thigh gap. Their self esteem is reliant on whether or not their thighs touch. I can’t even fathom why. Women should not resemble a skeleton, we should resemble an hour glass. We should be soft and voluptuous. We should be worried about the example we are setting for girls growing up looking at stick thin models on TV and in magazines. We should be more worried about our health, than a gap between our thighs. We need to realize that beauty on the inside shines a hell of a lot more than achieving the new thigh gap fad.

If you look back at pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Grace Kelly, Betty Page and Elizabeth Taylor who were known as sex symbols, you notice not only do they have thighs that touch but they also (gasp!) have belly fat. They’re not afraid to show it off and they are 100% gorgeous. In today’s world Beyonce, Scarlet Johanson, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence and Tyra Banks are sexy women who aren’t afraid to show off their lack of thigh gap. When you think of a woman, you think of softness. You can’t have softness with your bones sticking out of your skin!

Think of the example we are setting for young girls. They look at the celebrities and women who strive to be skinny, when in reality our goal should be to get healthy. I’m not as thin as what is considered “beautiful” these days but I work out five times a week and I eat healthy. That is the example we should be setting for girls growing up in this hard world. We should also be teaching them that their self worth is not dependent on their looks. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

What really matters is whats on the inside. Looks fade eventually, we all age. But inner beauty will last, and at the end of the day I want to surround myself with people who are beautiful on the inside. I know I’m not perfect, there are times I’m not happy with myself. But one thing I’m okay with is my thighs.

My hope is that one day women as a whole can stopping putting themselves down for not looking like the airbrushed models in magazines. You are beautiful exactly how you are and you should love yourself for everything you are, thick thighs and all!

Until Next Time!


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  1. cindy · July 16, 2014

    I think teaching our children to love themselves is the best gift when can give them!


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