A Week in the Backwoods

This past weekend I’ve been a little MIA because Nick and I went on a camping trip with his family! Now, when I say camping what I really mean is air conditioned cabins at Jelly Stone Park in Calendonia, WI. Its my kind of camping considering I’m afraid terrified of bugs.

I would have posted them while we were there but the only time I had enough cell reception, let alone any wifi were when we were in the car and I get very car sick, so it just wasn’t an option this trip. Here are a few pictures from our trip!



The camp ground is so beautiful and peaceful! Nick and I enjoyed just walking around and taking pictures.






There’s also a cute little pond way in the back! We must have been close to a black bird’s nest because she kept dive bombing Nick!


This look normally means I’m giving Nick attitude ha!



There were a couple days were it rained so it was nice and relaxing to just listen to the rain, read my book and drink some coffee!


Of course I also read and drank Daily’s to keep cool in the hot sun!

Until next year, Jelly Stone!


One more thing to mark off my {Summer Bucket List}

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