Life On Instagram

Here is a quick update of my life lately via Instagram!

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chicago couple

Nick and I on date night! Dinner and a movie will always be my favorite go to date. We always have a list of movies we want to see that are coming out in theaters. We saw Sex Tape this weekend, could not stop laughing!


chicago race track

Run horsies run!


do what you love quote

This is currently the background of my phone. Its so simple, yet so inspiring!


fruity pebble shots

Nick and I love Fruity Pebble shots. It seriously tastes like Fruity Pebbles!


husky and pitbull

My life in a nut shell… (which is actually the original name of my blog) Here I am trying to take a selfie with both dogs. Seriously unsuccessful!


My favorite drink in the world… a mojio. This weekend we were out to dinner and they ran out of mint leaves! One of the bartenders ran to the grocery store to get more so I could get my mojio.


toby keith concert

Toby Keith Concert! When we were on vacation in Wisconsin we drove to Tinley Park just for Toby Keith (there was no way we were giving up these tickets). So we drove about 3 hours to the Toby Keith concert and 3 hours back in one night! I will be posting all the pictures eventually I swear!


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