I HATE Blonde Jokes

So I posted this picture on my Facebook the other day because it was a blonde joke that I actually found funny. The response from a couple people reminded me exactly why I hate blonde jokes. It brought me back to high school when people would tell me I was stupid because I was blonde. Or that I wouldn’t understand certain things because I was blonde. I know it shouldn’t, but I always take it to heart.

I will always remember someone calling me dumb or stupid because of my hair color. I remember a time in college, while sitting is sociology class a girl raised her hand during a class discussion about stereotypes and said “I don’t want to be stereotypical but maybe I’m just having a blonde moment because I don’t understand….” And when she said she didn’t want to be stereotypical she was not talking about her blonde moment comment. I almost shot out of my chair and strangled her! It was probably the stupidest statement I had ever heard and it definitely didn’t come from a blonde.

I don’t think blonde jokes would be so hurtful to me if people didn’t actually think I was stupid because I’m blonde. So be careful what you say. That blonde you insult might be a super fantastic blogger one day! Ha! But really, where did this stereotype come from? Does this offend anyone other than me?



  1. Tori · July 29, 2014

    That fact that people actually believe that makes them the stupid ones. Just prove them all wrong! Just by your blog anyone can know that you’re quite intelligent 🙂


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