Its Hard Being a Girl


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Have you ever decided to go on an impromptu date with your significant other where you give yourself just a few minutes before you run out the door for dinner and a movie? You think you’re both just wearing a thirst and jeans and going how you are but you realize you should have freshened up your make up or done something other than a quick pony to you hair? Its hard being a girl. You can’t just throw on some perfume and be ready. And if you can then bravo.

After being in a relationship for three and half years I don’t feel the need to spend two hours on my hair and make up for every date (sorry Nick!). I usually brush my hair, wash my face, and throw on jeans and a cute top. But I find even that that takes some time. Nick can instantly be ready thanks to his buzz cut and perfect skin. Its frustrating when you spend an hour just to “freshen up” and your boyfriend just needs to change his shirt.

Its hard being a girl because you can’t cut your hair yourself. It takes an hour at least 4 times a year to keep your hair maintained. And if you want highlights be ready to shell out $100 and another hour of your time. And I consider myself low maintenance.. ha!

Don’t even get me started on clothes. Guys can throw on a t shirt and jeans and they look great. Girls have to worry about they way their jeans fit, there are like 100 different fits of jeans. They have to (but shouldn’t have to) worry about showing too much skin, and dressing “inappropriately.” They have to worry about the way tops fit. A shirt can be perfect around the waist but compressing their boobs to no end. Or the other way around. Or it could be too loose on top and show way more than you want to. Its all so complicated!

I could go on and on, but the point is being a girl is hard! Sometimes getting ready by spending unlimited amount of time on your hair and face and outfit is a lot of fun. But ain’t no body got time for that! And again bravo to the women that can look amazing all the time. And please leave tips below if that’s you, because I need help in that department!


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