Shopping for Hairstyles

One thing I love about Pinterest is that you can get so many great ideas. The thing I hate about Pinterest is the things you pin are either really expensive or you cannot physically create something that looks that good! I’ve been considering a little bit of a hair change so naturally, I turned to Pinterest.

I’ve had many different hair styles and as much as I want to just cut it all off some days, I know I’ll regret it. I’m loving my long hair (most of the time) and I feel it looks best on me. So right now I’m looking at colors. Nothing too drastic, I’ve only died my hair a couple times. I used to get amazing natural highlights in the summer when I was an outdoor lifeguard at a water park, however that is no longer the case! So I have been resorting to getting it done. I had some highlights put in for the summer, but I’m already getting bored of them! I’m thinking I want more of a honey color now. Here’s what I liked on Pinterest.

Best Hair Colors For Blonde,Brunette,Red,Black With Blue Eyes | Hairstyles |Hair Ideas |Updos



The 10 Best Celeb Blondes, and I want this blond  so badly



scarlett johansson hair color - Google Search








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