How to Care for your Designer Jeans

how to care for designer jeans


Don’t wear your jeans two days in a row. This will cause them to become baggy around your knees and butt. However, you should wear them a few times before you stick them in the washer.



Don’t wash your jeans in hot water (use cold water). This will cause them to shrink (and if you buy jeans like me, you can’t afford to let them shrink!) Not only will the shrink, but the heat will ruin the elasticity, and they will eventually stretch out.



When you wash your jeans, wash them inside out. This not only saves the color of your jeans, but it will also protect your other clothes from getting snagged on the buttons or zipper.



Hang dry your jeans! This will also prevent them from shrinking and keep the wash intact. I like to hang mine over the railing on my stairs.



Perhaps I should have started with this, but buy the right size! If you buy jeans that are too tight they will tear easier (especially around the crotch area! If you buy jeans that are too bag they can also tear easily. Remember: size is just a number. Buy the jeans that look the best on you and make you feel comfortable.


What designer jeans do you love best? What are you tips for taking care of them?


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