Calling All Pet Lovers: Help Save Peanut

I am reaching out to anyone who may be able to help! Anyone who has a heart for animals and who hates animal cruelty.


My Friend Jamie has a Chihuahua who had puppies about 5 months ago. Jamie is not a breeder, this was an accident and her dog has since been spayed. She sold all but one of the puppies to pay for the vet costs of her dog’s c-section. She sold the puppies to people she believe would give these Chihuahua-Dachshund mixed babies a loving home and a happy life.

On Tuesday, the mother of one of the puppy owners emailed her stating she feared for the dog’s safety in the hands of her son, Luke*. Jamie called this woman to get more information. The woman, Diane*, stated that her son was a drug addict and that he had very badly hurt this little 4 lbs, 4 month old puppy name Peanut. She said he had broken his leg, burned his mouth, and burned off his whiskers. She stated that the vet who looked at Peanut’s leg said that this was clearly not an accidental break. She also stated Peanut had pin worms (which are worms a dog can get from flea infestation), and that when her daughter visited Peanut, he never had food, water, or puppy pads. Diane also said her son planned on breeding Peanut to pay for his drug addiction.

When Jamie called me, she said her vet recommended she drive to this woman’s house to pick up Peanut and take him straight to her practice to evaluate his physical and physiological damage. Jamie didn’t want to go alone, so I went with her.

When we arrived at Diane’s house to get Peanut, she would not let us see him and told us we could call the police if we wanted to. We went back to my car and called the police. The police asked us to come to the station to better understand what happened. Once explaining the situation, the police stated there was nothing they could do unless a licensed vet stated this dog has been abused. They also could not enforce the contract as it is a civil case and they advised Jamie to get a lawyer.

Since then, Jamie and I have contacted the ASPCA, the AntiCruelty Society in Chicago, Helping Paws Animal Shelter, McHenry Animal Control, Peta and many other associations. We have messaged groups on Facebook that help dogs get rescued and no one will help. They either don’t answer, tell us to call the police or they feel the dog is safe in Diane’s hands.

When Jamie called Peanut’s owner, Luke, he first told Jamie that Peanut was fine. Then he admitted that Peanut had broken his leg. He said he belly flopped on him.

Jamie proceeded to ask Luke how Peanut’s mouth and whiskers were burned. He said “I’m not really sure but we were at a friend’s house and I think he had gotten too close to one of those outside heaters, but I’m not sure.” When Jamie was speaking to Luke’s mom, she said she believed Luke was so high he left a hot pipe on the floor and Peanut got a hold of it. Or that Luke was so high he would have tried to make Peanut smoke whatever he was smoking.

When confronted about the pin worms Luke said his mom refused to take Peanut to the vet, he also said that the worms were no big deal. Luke also stated that he visits Peanut everyday and that once his leg is healed Peanut will go back to his house.

Our fear is that Luke will hurt Peanut even more, seeing as he visits him every day and will have possession of him once his leg has healed. He has already done so much damage to such a little helpless dog,

What will be next? Will he break Peanut’s neck because he decided to “belly flop” on him?

Please help Jamie get Peanut out of the possession of this drug addict.

Jamie is waiting to hear back from a couple lawyers she has contacted; however, the waiting in painful! If you know any information on something we could do to enforce this contract and get Peanut in safe hands, please contacts us before it is too late. Keep in mind we are in the Chicago area.

Anyone who thinks they can help please email me at and I will forward your message to Jamie ASAP.


*Names have been changed.


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