The Truth Will Always Reveal Itself

the truth will always reveal itself

Recently I’ve had really bad hip pain which I dealt with like a champ, but it started getting unbearable. So last week I went to the doctor. I expected more physical therapy or something, I don’t know, anything really that might help. What I walk out with were x-rays on my back and physical therapy for my back… That seriously freaked me out! I was prepared for bad news about my hip! Not my back. So it looks like I most likely have  a pinched nerve in my back and let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever been in more pain.

So while I lay on the couch with pain from my mid back to my ankle I’ve realized how many things are exactly what you thought they were. I went to the doctor for hip pain, it turned out that my back was causing my hip pain. I would have never guess that! How many of you have started dating someone and it turns out its not what it seemed… I know I have before. I have a friend who started dating someone and it seemed like the perfect fit, yet it wasn’t. Just like when you think you know who your friends are until you go through a hard time, that will always reveal who your real friends are.

Sometimes the truth that reveals is so surprising, and other times you knew it deep down but didn’t want to admit it to yourself. There are so many things that are not as they seem. But just like my back, eventually what was hiding will eventually come to surface, and that you can always count on.


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